Korista Lewis-Beaty

I discovered early in life that Jesus, his wrecking love and astounding grace were worth saying yes to. Following Jesus as closely as I could became my driving motivation. Through intentional relationships, vulnerable and authentic preaching and pastoral care I strives to lead and pastor people right where they are. I’m a dedicated Whovian, a lover of books, a journal hoarder and a runner who is still looking to find a rhythm for running in Houston. My main goals in life are to be known as a humble follower of Jesus, a loyal friend, an effective leader, a dedicated disciple and a brilliant partner and wife to Ryan, my husband!

Growing up my family moved frequently due to my dad’s career with the US Coast Guard, bringing a unique perspective of culture, home, and a willingness to view the world from others’ perspectives. My parents instilled in me the CRAZY yet FANTASTIC idea that if God asked I could and should do it! So after multiple foreign mission trips, I developed a heart for the Kingdom of God, sharing the gospel and encouraging people to grow in their faith.  That heart is what lead me into pastoral ministry.

I am humbled by the opportunity to lead VillageHouston.  The vast city we dwell in has so many opportunities for growth and community.  Our vision is to see the love and truth of the gospel shared around the world, through supporting missionaries, planting churches and impacting the city of Houston by planting other “Villages” within the innerloop over the next 20 years.